The New Webseries


Webseries Inceptions

I’ve been working on webseries.  This isn’t news.  A few months ago we filmed the first episode of Things We Do in Public, which turned out great.  This is a silly comedy–really silly.

And I love that.

I have a DP friend.  He wants to make dramas.  HARSH dramas.

This makes me sad.

In ways.  Anyway, I have been working on a serious webseries for him–I mentioned the vampire aspect, yes?–and I have finished the first episode.


It’s not happy.  It’s not even…funny.  It makes me think of one of my favorite films:  Inception.  It’s not like Inception at all.  No dreams or totems or architecture.  But it is like Inception.


Inception is a great movie.  It’s dramatic, action-packed, has depth of story and amazing visuals.  The actors are all fantastic and solid.  The editing is beyond reproach.  I mean, you have to pay attention to that movie, but it is edited in a way that makes it understandable.

But it lacks comedy.  Almost entirely.

Don’t misunderstand.  I think this movie needs no alteration.  But I find the lack of funny slightly disheartening.  I can’t watch it all the time.

I think movies should entertain.  Also, a friend of mine once said, “Fiction a way is to help us understand life.”  When I write, I try to create something that accomplishes both these things.  But mainly, I try to give you a little bit of sunshine, something that makes you forget or let go.

I hope that in the next episode I can create some moments of comedy.  I hope that we’re not always just making sense of life.  I hope sometimes we’re letting life go and laughing.

And laughing.

Christmas Eve and The Undead

It’s Christmas Eve.

And I am going to work on a vampire webseries.

Which sounds a little…awkward.  But who wants life to be normal, eh?

A few days ago I started researching vampires.  Most people don’t know that vampire legends actually started a lot like zombies are portrayed today.  People died, were buried, then became animated again.  Undead.

The Twilight saga has been beaten to death by now by too many haters, so I won’t add to it.  As a general rule though, vampire tales today do NOT start with someone climbing out of a grave.  Usually someone gets bitten.

And BAM!  They’re attractive, powerful and immortal.  And kinda melodramatic, too.

That’s fine.  I don’t mind creative people using their creative talents to imagine vampires however they want to.  I don’t even take offense at the sparkling.

But I’m ready for some mysterious, freaky, dangerous, demon-like vampire tales.  Gritty, evil, soul-less.  These things are like zombies, except not as crazed and far, far more frightening.  They won’t come at you slowly, and they don’t have to kill you.

They just drain you, little by little, while you sleep.

And no matter how many times you shoot them or try to decapitate them, they always come back.

It’s stake time, baby.

Merry Christmas!