Fail the System: A short film with a long process

I’m working on the short film for October. I’ve been working on the short film for October since…June 12th. Originally I wanted to write a short about a very controversial subject that I have never seen in a film. But when I started writing Working_Title Red I realized that I had to have a primary storyline that was more accessible to a general audience.

I wanted to write a drama. So I started doing research on dramas, especially dramas that were dialog-driven, which is not the way I have been writing for years. The above show was recommended to me. I watched A LOT of it and found that the representation of family drama is the best I’ve seen onscreen.

This show, Broadchurch, was also recommended to me as a quality drama. It’s about a small English town that experiences the murder of an 11-year-old boy and struggles to come to grips with the reality. It is one of the most cinematically beautiful stories I have ever seen. The editing is superb, the acting is flawless and the writing is arresting.

It’s also one of the most depressing things I’ve ever watched and I had to take it in parts to better deal with the emotions it brought on (I don’t like watching things that make me that sad, but it was very good).

The following images I found as a reference for very good cinematography composition. The DefineFast Productions film will employ this kind of style.

So what is Working_Title Red about? Well, it became Fail the System, and it is about a sister and brother who work together to outwit a devious college professor and deal with some serious relationship issues. Yes, a drama. With dialog. Although it is not as dialog-driven as something like Gilmore Girls.

Since Your Sister Sent Me, a short film DefineFast made in 2013, I have not made anything this intense as a large-scale project. The cast and crew is currently being assembled for this and I am excited to see it become a reality.

Just a little info into the process of making a short film. As always, feel free to comment with feedback, critique or projects of your own!


48 Hour Film Project Take 2

Last year I wrote a blog talking about my experience with the 48 hour film project.  That was my first time experiencing the madness, but apparently it didn’t scare me off, because I’m back at it.

This time leading my own team.

Honestly, I didn’t want to lead my own team at first.  Ya know how the 48 works?  It’s a worldwide film competition.  They give you a prop, line of dialog, character and genre on Friday and you have until Sunday to make a film using all the elements.

That’s right, you write, cast, film, and edit a short film in 48 hours.

Some of you might say, “Hey, you totally competed in the 10-hour competition a few months ago, isn’t this gonna be easy comparatively?”

Okay, when you say it like that, yes, this is WAY easier than the 10-hour.  Way.  But it also gives a false sense of security.  I know we’ve talked about how long on average it takes to do pre-production, production and post-production on a short film.  It’s not 48 hours.  Well, not consecutively.

I’m not complaining.  I love the 48 hour film competition.  I love the timed-ness of it.  I just want to emphasize the HARD-ness of it too.  It’s gonna be good and it’s gonna be hard.

And it’s gonna be awesome.

Watch for an update Sunday, to see if we got our film in on time.