52 Weeks of Creative: Week 8


This blog is not about me, which is good, because this week would’ve been the week of failure.

That being said, I did finish my creative project this week.  And it was challenging, but not in the way that I thought it would be.  I’ve wanted to explore comic book creation for a long time.  I have a lot of experience story-boarding for films, so I figured comicking (probably made up that word) would not be too different, right?


Honestly, I had nothing until Thursday.  No creative ideas, no drive to do ANYTHING.  I was at the point where I was ready to admit defeat and move on with no real dignity left.

Until the weather.


It’s been a killer this year.  And one of my best friends hates that.  He wants it to be summer almost as much as I do.  Maybe moreso.  Probably moreso.  Okay, he definitely wants it to be summer even more than I do.


We had an EPIC text battle between Mother Nature and Jack Frost…as if they fought like Pokemon characters.

And that became my creative project for this week.  The weather + my good friend Cody = one of my favorite created projects.


As if that wasn’t enough (haha, you thought you’d get to see it now, but I’ve still got things to say), another close friend of mine who draws…SO WELL…helped me finish the comic by adding the city in the second panel and by using his amazing calligraphic skills to finish the comic.  I’ll let ya read what Joshua wrote.

Once again, this is supposed to be 52 weeks of creative–me completing a creative project every week of 2014.  If you’d like to give me any ideas, suggestions, feedback, or let me know you’ve started your own 52 weeks, comment below!  Or visit my production page on Facebook.com/DefineFastProductions.


Social Networking = Loneliness?

Here’s a video someone shared with me.  It made me think about this whole Internet thing in a different light.