52 Weeks of Creative: Week 31

I’d like to point out that 2014 is more than half over.  There are less days of 2014 than yesterday.  Which means tomorrow we’re that much closer to 2015.

That silliness aside, this has been the best year of my life.  I know, am I jinxing it?  I doubt it.

Seriously, I’ve been blessed by God my whole life.  But the last few years, especially after finishing school, have been a mess.  Lots of false starts, lots of stupidity, lots of just staring at the ceiling wondering if I had the guts to get up and actually do anything worthwhile, and even if I did, if I really knew the meaning of “worthwhile” anyway.

Everybody goes through that.  Ya’ll know what I’m talking ’bout.  For some people this is the teenage years.  For others it’s the college or post college years.  And still for others it’s more of a mid-life thing.

Most kids don’t get this, and that’s why everybody wants to be a kid again.  It doesn’t matter if you have consequence when you’re a kid.  It matters if you get to eat the good stuff, watch all the grown-up movies, play all the games all the time, and feel the love.  When a kid goes through the bad years, that’s when we need to wake up.  But that’s a whole other post.

But this year things changed.  Not just because some miracle happened.  And this year has had it’s hard times too.  But I decided, especially with this idea of 52 weeks, that it was better to just be happy.

Don’t seek it.  Don’t take it at the expense of others.  Just live…happy.  God is so good.

You are alive.

Sometimes it’s not gonna feel worth it.

That’s ok.

Make one of these:













As always, feel free to comment with feedback, ideas, or projects of your own!


52 Weeks of Creative: Week 27

My week was actually alright.  Hard, exhausting and a little different, but alright.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday my creative project was born out of a deep sadness, and ironically, it turned out great.



Then I cut strips into the sides and tied them in knots.  See how I went inward at an angle?  That’s me trying to follow the contours of the body.  I mostly guessed, but you can measure this by putting the shirt on and putting pins along how tight you want the shirt to be.  Then just cut a strip that deep.



See how the strips are different lengths?  That’s because they went deeper into the fabric at certain points.  If you want to trim yours down, that’s totally legit too.  I asked the opinions of a group of 4 people and they said to leave it.


A long time ago I determined that nothing depressing or unnecessarily dramatic needed to be on the internet.  No one solves drama with mysterious or not-so-mysterious rants on social media.  If you feel the need to express it to the world instead of that person in particular…maybe that person deserves better.

But I also determined that I wasn’t going to live my life as a lie.  If someone asks how I am, and I am not doing well, I say so.  “I’m ok” is a totally fine response.  If they care/are close they will ask.  If not, then you didn’t lie but you also didn’t cause massive extra drama.

I only made this project because my day went severely south yesterday.  I actually had a much more intense project I was working on.  That’s okay.  There’s always next week.

As always feel free to comment with feedback, ideas or projects of your own!

52 Weeks of Creative: Week 21

My original project for this week stalled.  Mainly because =cough= google drive =cough wouldn’t upload some footage.

So helpful.

I ran home to check the upload, saw that after 6 hours of trying, the footage had frozen at 35%.  A little confuzzled on what I should do, I spent the next 20 minutes furiously checking through my Pinterest craft ideas to find something that I want to do and actually could do.  Even after picking, I spent the next 10 minutes running around my house trying to find my elusive keys.  And you wonder, how did I get home without them?

I drove someone else’s car and used someone else’s keys, of course.

I set out with my supplies to my sister’s house.  “Hey!” the general consensus when I walked through the door.  Everyone gathered in the living room to begin playing that ultimate nerd game, D&D.  I settled in on the couch to listen and sew.

You can do both at the same time, I promise.


“What are you making?” Stacey asked.

“A whale.”


“That looks like one of those creatures!” Bethany commented.



“It’s a whale,” I said.  I sent her a scrunched up look of consternation.  “I’m making a whale.”

Hours, dice rolls and grenade explosions later, I held up this:


“It’s a zombie whale!” Patrick exclaimed.

Great.  I hate zombies.  So I gave him a beard.


“He needs a top hat, like Abraham Lincoln!” Joshua said.

“Yeah, then he’ll be Whale-ber-ham Lincoln!” Shelby said.

I made him a top hat.




I’d like you to meet, Whale-ber-ham Lincoln.  Now go back to fighting trolls, space gang members or mages or whatever your campaign throws your way.  And may the dice be ever in your favor.

As always, feel free to comment with suggestions, ideas or projects of your own!