52 Weeks of Creative: Week 11


AKA, we waited in line for my friend to get his picture taken with Jewel Staite.  From Firefly.  And Stargate: Atlantis.  Who turned out to be really nice.

What does Planet Comicon have to do with my creative project?

IMG_2466 copy

I made things for it.  I posted the skirt a while ago.  And that was my hat before I finished it.


And here we are at Planet Comicon KC, costume all finished, even with things added to the skirt I made a few weeks ago.  I had a lot of help with it, though.


I like nerds.

Things learned at Comicon:

1.  Sometimes you will be surprised by the Foxtrot creator, Bill Amend, and turn into a blithering idiot.

2.  Will Wheaton is super nice.  And likes small children.

3.  If someone in your small group of 3 sees someone they know every 5 minutes, you’ve probably got too many nerd friends and shouldn’t change a thing.

Feel free to comment with feedback, ideas or share your own creative projects!


52 Weeks of Creative: Week 10

There’s a lot of ways to show appreciation and adoration.  Last week I offered ya’ll a glimpse into my deep, deep affection for coffee.  I’m sure even that video couldn’t express how much I rely on the substance, especially considering what a terrible morning person I am.

This week I wanted to do the same for an individual in my life who’s become very important to me.  Someone who reads these posts and keeps encouraging me to do more.  Someone who asked me to go to a comic convention, which is like this:

So I made this for him:





I hope to post another picture of it actually on his wrist, because then ya’ll can see it lined up correctly.

Remember, you’re welcome to comment with feedback, ideas, suggestions and/or let me know what creative projects you’ve got going on!