I know I have raved about this short film.  And now, here it is.  One of the best animated shorts I’ve ever seen.


Impossible Impossibilities

Making a film is impossible.  Come on, the only way Hollywood does it is to call on an army of thousands, millions of dollars from investors and the finest directors, writers, cinematographers, composers, actors and editors on the planet.  They have an establishment.  If you’re not in it, if you don’t know someone, if you don’t sleep with half of California, you’ll never be a part of filmmaking.


At some point, usually many points, artists are told something very similar to this.  I’ve heard it…a lot.  And I’ve bought into it at times.

A long time ago my mom taught me to keep going.  She did this through encouraging me to stay in choir, keep writing, take this class, oh you like to draw–take this other class, theater sounds good–here’s a theater program even though we can’t afford it.  So I’m going to work extra just so you can go.  She came to my shows, most of the time she had to–she was helping.

When I started making films, my mom started hosting actors.  She has been on set…many times.  She offers feedback on scripts, first edits, actors, and anything else.  She has acted in my films and recently co-wrote a short film with me.

It’s hard to give up on something when someone else refuses to give up on you.

Because of this, I am about to attempt an animated film.  Hand-drawn.

Yeah, I know.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of my conceptualizing.