Filmmaking is for Warriors: Introducing Baby Cam #1

10 years this summer. That’s how long I’ve been living the good life and making films. Yep, that’s my first set. Aren’t we adorable?

Whats Life Worth
Sometimes it’s easy to make films. But mostly it’s like climbing a mountain while getting shot at by snipers and Stormtroopers in the freezing rain without the right kind of ropes and helping a 2-year-old climb next to you. Yeah, I’m not gonna comment on whether the 2-year-old is the cast or crew or your own childlike heart.

Maybe it’s all three.

Filmmaking is for Warriors 1

This is baby #1. She’s the best little workhorse of a camera that I’ve ever encountered. With the look of a cinema camera, the ease of use of a DSLR and the perfect in-between size from consumer to pro, the Sony FS100 gives guerrilla filmmakers like me the versatility we need to make a legitimate-looking film without the hassle of dealing with millions of dollars (what am I talking about, that’s not a hassle…).

Sony Handycam NEX-FS100UK Digital Camcorder – 3.5″ LCD – CMOS – Full HD [Camera]

Now, I didn’t originally get this beast from Amazon, but I have bought several of her accessories through the company and they have all arrived in good condition. Also, Amazon is cool because with Prime you can get things shipped cheaply and swiftly.

You should be asking me now what’s up with me calling a camera my baby. Well, you try braving the wind, rain, cold, snow, water, ice, woods, tics, blazing hot sun, grouchy cast and crew, lack of food, lack of water, lack of coffee (why is the coffee always gone?), car trouble, location trouble, cops, lost actors, lost crew, lost mind and forgotten shotlist and see if you keep thinking of the beast-that-never-stops-going as anything less than your own baby.

This thing is the only way you can tell your story. Treat it with respect. And you can show the world things like this. Filmmaking is for warriors ya’ll, we gotta fight to make the best story we can.

Kevin StillMargie Still

And that my peoples, is my Baby Cam #1.

As always, feel free to comment with feedback, comments or projects of your own!



This summer Apple came out with the new Retina display Macbook Pros.  I needed a new laptop.  I waited for a few months and when the desire was too much to hold back, I went to the Apple Store and got my very own.

It’s pretty sweet.

I took it home and we haven’t been parted since.  I am on my computer almost as much as I am wake.  This baby is fast.  Sleek.  Clean.  Gorgeous.

And completely incompatible with every other form of technology I own.

I found out right away that it didn’t have a firewire port.  Okay, no big deal, I’ll get an adapter.  That’ll be $30.  Plus $20 for a new cable, because oh right, firewire has been updated since I bought my camera.  $50 dollars.  Doesn’t seem like too much, but on the cusp of how much I paid for the Mac, it annoyed me.

That wasn’t the end, either.

This version of the Mac doesn’t have a port for a microphone.  Why?  I don’t know.  It makes no sense to me.  There’s the option of connecting through the usb, but then I’d have to buy a new mic and I don’t even want to go into the cost of that.  Fine.  I’ll get another adapter.  If I bought it through Apple, the adapter would cost about $30.  Again.


I found a middle-range, probably too cheap one on Amazon.  It was about $11.  Not too bad.  Hopefully it works.

I know technology is changing and I understand why it has to.  I guess I just wish it could stay compatible with old technology for at least 5 years.  That way us poor, recent college grads could afford our computers and eat too.