12 Months of Movies: May

May happened.  It was crazy.

Our movie for the month of May was the short film my team made during the 48 Hour Film Competition.  Basically, on Friday, May 29th, each team drew a genre, and then each team was given the same character, line of dialog and prop that had to be in each film.  Then we had until Sunday at 7:30 to turn in a finished film longer than 4 minutes and shorter than 7.

We pulled Fantasy.

The other elements were: Frank or Frankie Riordan, Student.  “I want to do it myself.” Strawberries.

I made a lot of mistakes this time, but I’d rather leave that blog for Sunday.  Until then, this is the film we made:

As always, feel free to comment with feedback, suggestions or projects of your own!


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