On Target Management

I quit my job.  I’m on the last week of working, and I’ve had a chance to kinda say goodbye to about 100 people.  Or maybe it just feels like 100 people.

I’m not leaving because I’m upset or hated it.  I found something new that will actually use the skills I spent all those years in college to refine.

But I want to tell you what I learned about good management while working for the big Red Zero.

1.  They tell each employee right off the bat that it doesn’t matter what you look like, your tattoos or no tattoos, your beard or no beard, or whatever; you are accepted and welcome here.

2.  They reward good workers immediately by calling out their name on the radio and then offering them a free Starbucks or soda from the fridges.

3.  They meet as a team every morning and afternoon to cover basic things, go over safety and codes, and lift up team members who are doing a good job at their job.

4.  They make time to hear out each employee.

5.  They take time to train people right.

This was what I learned in my experience with multiple bosses while working at the Red Zero.  I learned a lot more, but this was the highlights.

Next time maybe I’ll commentary social crazes and viral news…


Wrong Number

Last week I didn’t post because it was my birthday.  This week I’ve written 2 posts and saved them as drafts because they are a load of waffle.

And waffles get eaten, not shared.

So today I thought of this meme.  And I just want to leave you with these thoughts;

Who would you call, anyone living or dead, if you could?

What would you do if your phone randomly called the exact person you never wanted to hear from again?  What if that kept happening, every time you dialed your phone, until each person you fear/hate/cry over is given the opportunity to speak?

What if we stopped placing our happiness, desires, fulfillment in unreachable, unknowable celebrities and met real, tangible people who might call us back after a wrong number?

What if the FBI was someone you could call, someone you could trust, someone like Steve Rogers (Captain America) who gave his all to protect the weak, the small, the underdogs?