12 Months of Movies: January

A truly collaborative project is unlikely.


Pixar does it.  Game design companies do it.  I suppose the Coen Brothers do it all the time.

My husband and I made a film.  When we filmed the majority of it I didn’t even know the ending.  Here’s some advice:  if someone wants to film something without a script and just wing and don’t even storyboard, don’t.  Don’t do it.  You’re gonna waste a lot of time and get frustrated.

That being said, this project worked.  In part because Joshua doesn’t really know what he’s doing.  He listened to me, he filmed, he set up shots the way I described and let’s face it, we are pretty happy together no matter what we’re doing.  That’s why people get married, isn’t it?

So here’s the film.

Special thanks to my dad for some props.

As always, feel free to comment with feedback, film suggestions, or movies of your own!


Rules, Anyone?

Welcome to 2015.  The Earth is still round.  The USA is still my home.  Gravity still keeps us trapped on the surface of the only habitable rock in nearby space.

Stop that.  What I’m saying is this; a new year has begun, but humanity remains the same.

Last time I posted I told ya’ll of my new goals for this year.  I briefly mentioned something I dubbed “12 Months of Movies.”  I’ll elaborate.

In this illustrious 2015 I shall complete a film every month.  A “film” in this instance is anything motion captured that exceeds a minute in length and tells a story.  Whether the story is true (or a version of truth, called a documentary), or fiction, animated (drawn, generated, stop-motion), or live action, silent or full of diegetic sound, filmed by me or another person, written by me or another person…it’s all an open field.  When I say “I” in this instance I mean that I will be the driving factor behind the film, whether I produce, direct, write, edit or shoot it, I must be either the main reason or the partnering reason the film gets finished.


  1. I shall complete a film exceeding the length of 1 minute each month.
  2. The film can be any genre and any medium.
  3. I must be the driving force behind it’s completion.
  4. I must post it here, whether it succeeds or utterly fails.  We learn more from our failures than our successes anyway.

(Joss Whedon)

You may be asking me why I am doing this.  After all, I had a fairly successful year last year with 52 creative projects.  Why trouble my life by seeking out a new way to suck my time and energy away?

There is a terrible burden in being an artist.  It is this:  does my work, my life, my soul and heart and time mean anything?  Is this art actually worth anything?

I don’t know yet.  I don’t know what kind of stories I should be telling.  I know what kinds I like to see, but I don’t always make those kinds of stories real.

What I can tell you is that I shall make some comedies.  I shall make some dramas.  I will hopefully make an action film or two, since I enjoy those greatly.  And I shall want, desire and ask for your feedback.

Tell me what works.  Tell me what doesn’t.  Give me your opinion.  Even if it’s “I hated this movie a lot”, tell me.  And when I ask you why, please be specific.

That’s the only way I’ll ever really know if it means anything.

Following that line, what story or genre or type of film would you like to see, if anything could be made?  A vampire movie?  An epic?  A drama about a big family?  An action movie?

Next time I post, it will be a film.  Talk to you then.

The New Year of 2015: Day 1

Last year at this time I posted this:

1. My goal is to create and finish something “creative” every week. That’s 52 things. This is a super loose goal, I realize, but I’ll refine it more in later posts.

2. My goal is to live as if I am burdened with glorious purpose, like Loki of Asgard.

3. My goal is to be unashamed.

4. My goal is to learn to longboard, well.

5. My goal is to tell YOU all about it.

How did my year turn out?

1. I finished something creative every week.  Yep, 52 creative things.

2. I don’t know if all of my purposes were glorious, but I certainly dressed as well as Loki at times.

3. I met a man who let me see myself without shame.  Someone who saw the good in all the darkness.

4. Longboarding happened, but it happens less frequently now, which is terrible, I know.

5. DID YOU READ ALL THOSE STINKIN’ POSTS??? (it’s totally okay if you didn’t.  Just the good ones, read those.)

I promised I’d give a rundown of my favorite projects from this year:

My top 6 in chronological order:

Week 3:

This was my favorite filming shoot of all time.  So much fun working with these people.  We learned a lot.

Week 9:

I just really like coffee.

Week 15:

This was just super fun to make.  A lot easier and harder than expected.  I would do it again.

Week 22:

I can’t help it, this was just like playing.  Seriously.  Good friends, good boarding, gorgeous park…GOPRO…I guess it couldn’t have been better unless we got to use a RED camera or something.

Week 44:

This story shocked me.  I don’t know where it came from, but I enjoyed writing it and it freaked me out.

Week 49:

Writing a sonnet for the first time was like learning to write all over again.  I liked the challenge.

Onward into goals for this new year!

  1. My resolutions:
    1. See the good in all situations.
    2. Forgive. Everything.
    3. Laugh at myself more.
    4. Create a film every month.
    5. Start my greeting card line.
    6. Post here every other week.
  2. So 2015 shall be called: 12 Months of Movies

More next time.

Until then, HAPPY DAY 1!  May this year be the year you find the joy for which you long.  Keep looking–you’ll never find it with your eyes closed.