52 Weeks of Creative: Week 38

I had help this week. From my husband.


I chose a song from my favorite artist.


I tried for the first time to make a “font” that looked kinda cool.

Then I drew a face.





And I attempted to draw a city. Which is a really stupid plan, especially for someone who only received one-point perspective training like 10 years ago. And hasn’t really used it since.

You try drawing a city and let me know how that goes. Yeah. I thought so.

So I found a drawing book of my husband’s and traced a city. Which isn’t cheating. It’s just being cleverer than other people.

This is the finished product:


As always, feel free to comment with suggestions, feedback or projects of your own!


52 Weeks of Creative: Week 37

From week 35:


11 t-shirts, all Star Trek themed, all different characters.  Wish I had better pictures.  Maybe one of my peops will post some of theirs….

From week 36:

That lovely lady in the center in light blue? See her bracelet?  Made that.

stacey wedding 2

From this past week, 37:

The beautiful lady holding my youngest niece also has a lovely bracelet.  Okay, that sounded like I was giving myself a compliment.  Really, I just liked the way the bracelet turned out.

mom wedding

I’d post more, but I’m on my honeymoon….And I really don’t want to post right now. :p

As always, feel free to comment with suggestions, feedback and projects of your own!

52 Weeks of Creative: Week 36

I’m in a bit of trouble with ya’ll, I bet.  Why?

Because I can’t post my project from this week either.


It’s gifts.

Hey, cut me a little slack.  I’m getting married in…5 days.  And I tend to enjoy making stuff for people, quite a lot actually.  So all the stuff I’ve been taking time to make these days is for one of the many awesome people helping make mine and Joshua’s new life the best it can be.

I can tell you that this week involved jewelry.  Beads.  Help.

Next week might be similar.

I will do my best to post pictures of both this and last week…Next week.  Haha.  But I’ll try 🙂

52 Weeks of Creative: Week 35

Yeah I’m still alive.

And I totally did a project last week.

But I can’t post pictures.

It is a surprise.

I will tell you that I made shirt transfers, that it took a LONG TIME and that it turned out pretty cool.  Also, there’s an art to the shirt transfer thing, and ya gotta have the patience for it.

I will post pics 2 weeks from now.


Have a wonderful life until then!