Into Words

When life is good…

Write songs.

When life gets hard…

Write stories.

When life gets surprising…

Write personal experiences.

When life is just plain horrible…


Change your world into words.


Webseries Inceptions

I’ve been working on webseries.  This isn’t news.  A few months ago we filmed the first episode of Things We Do in Public, which turned out great.  This is a silly comedy–really silly.

And I love that.

I have a DP friend.  He wants to make dramas.  HARSH dramas.

This makes me sad.

In ways.  Anyway, I have been working on a serious webseries for him–I mentioned the vampire aspect, yes?–and I have finished the first episode.


It’s not happy.  It’s not even…funny.  It makes me think of one of my favorite films:  Inception.  It’s not like Inception at all.  No dreams or totems or architecture.  But it is like Inception.


Inception is a great movie.  It’s dramatic, action-packed, has depth of story and amazing visuals.  The actors are all fantastic and solid.  The editing is beyond reproach.  I mean, you have to pay attention to that movie, but it is edited in a way that makes it understandable.

But it lacks comedy.  Almost entirely.

Don’t misunderstand.  I think this movie needs no alteration.  But I find the lack of funny slightly disheartening.  I can’t watch it all the time.

I think movies should entertain.  Also, a friend of mine once said, “Fiction a way is to help us understand life.”  When I write, I try to create something that accomplishes both these things.  But mainly, I try to give you a little bit of sunshine, something that makes you forget or let go.

I hope that in the next episode I can create some moments of comedy.  I hope that we’re not always just making sense of life.  I hope sometimes we’re letting life go and laughing.

And laughing.

Legit or Not Legit

Saw a digital magnifying glass on a TV show yesterday.  It was designed for people with vision problems.  The host of the show remarked, “I remember when I was a kid and I played with the magnifying glass like I was Sherlock Holmes.”  Then she laughed.


I’m not against technology.  I have an iPad and I spend more time on my Mac than I do with any two people.  I also would love to own one of those Speeders from Star Wars Episode 6.

How cool would that be?

But let’s step back for a moment.  Why do we need digital magnifying glasses?  Did the magnifying glass stop working?  Is it suddenly too easy to spend $10 bucks on a piece of glass that can fit in your pocket, so we need to spend $250 on a digital version?

I feel for people with eye problems.  I mean, I’ve worn glasses since I was 14.  But come on, let’s use a little sense.

Someone’s trying to get your money by inventing something you don’t need, regardless of how cool it is.

Don’t talk trash about my Speeder desire.  That is totally necessary to life.  If I had one of those, I’d never be late for anything and my nerd-cred would skyrocket.  I’d be legit in the nerd world.

Oh yeah.

What other technology have you read or heard about that seems like a con?  Do you own any?

I’m gonna be looking through my belongings, and I’ll post about any unnecessary finds.  Until then, if you know someone who knows someone who can hook me up with a sweet ride….

The List

There are a lot of movies coming out this year.  I think we have finally recovered from the writer’s strike.  That is to say, there seem to be a lot of well-written films coming out this year.  Or they just have much more original premises and ideas.  And some of the movies on this list don’t have to be well-written.

They just have to have Bruce Willis.

A Good Day to Die Hard

Films to EXPECT this year:

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters: January 25

A Good Day to Die Hard: February 14

Oblivion: April 19

Jack the Giant slayer: March 1

Oz: The Great and Powerful: March 8

The Host: March 29

Iron Man 3: May 3

Star Trek Into Darkness: May 17

Epic: May 24

After Earth: June 7

Now You See Me: June 7

Pacific Rim: July 12

Red 2: August 2

Elysium: August 9

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: August 16

Riddick: September 6

Frozen: November 27

The Hobbit: December 13

Saving Mr. Banks: December 20

Jack Ryan: December 25

Starting Off

I’m starting the year off right.  Why?

Making a film tomorrow.

Okay, so it’s not my film.  I’m actually just acting AD–assistant director.  I was already slotted to help on the production in a different capacity, but the director kinda had to bow out for this weekend.

His wife had a baby a little earlier than expected.

It doesn’t really matter what I do on a film set though, I’m happy.  I’ve always been more comfortable around cameras and actors and the whole process.  Think of it like a football player stepping out onto the field.  That’s where he belongs.

You don’t want to see me on a football field though.

For this film we’re making, Iris, the DP is that crazy friend of mine.  He is deep in shot-listing right now, which is not always normal for a DP.  These are the kinds of things that the director would worry about if he were able.

Remember when I talked about the length of time film productions usually take?

We had five weeks for this one.  It’s part of a film contest, a lot like the 48 Hour one.  We were given a set of objects, concepts and locations to include in a script.  The writers wrote the script.  We muddled through pre-production–babies mess things up, ya’ll–and now we are shooting.  Tomorrow.

After we finish shooting next week, the editors will do their magic and voila, a finished film.  Then we submit and all of the KC film scene will view it, contemplate it, judge it.

At the end of all that, hopefully we still look like this:

Because otherwise…