The End is Coming

It’s the end of the year.

Which leads me to…


Winter/Spring 2012:

Summer 2012:



Fall 2012:

Winter (again…)2012:

And that’s all, folks.  At least on the finished side.  There’s a lot of scripts in the works and even more collaborative projects coming up soon.

It’s gonna be a good year.


Christmas Eve and The Undead

It’s Christmas Eve.

And I am going to work on a vampire webseries.

Which sounds a little…awkward.  But who wants life to be normal, eh?

A few days ago I started researching vampires.  Most people don’t know that vampire legends actually started a lot like zombies are portrayed today.  People died, were buried, then became animated again.  Undead.

The Twilight saga has been beaten to death by now by too many haters, so I won’t add to it.  As a general rule though, vampire tales today do NOT start with someone climbing out of a grave.  Usually someone gets bitten.

And BAM!  They’re attractive, powerful and immortal.  And kinda melodramatic, too.

That’s fine.  I don’t mind creative people using their creative talents to imagine vampires however they want to.  I don’t even take offense at the sparkling.

But I’m ready for some mysterious, freaky, dangerous, demon-like vampire tales.  Gritty, evil, soul-less.  These things are like zombies, except not as crazed and far, far more frightening.  They won’t come at you slowly, and they don’t have to kill you.

They just drain you, little by little, while you sleep.

And no matter how many times you shoot them or try to decapitate them, they always come back.

It’s stake time, baby.

Merry Christmas!

The Future of Youtube

So last week was a big deal in my little world.  My team and I filmed and finished and posted a short film.  Everyone had a lot of fun, too.

Then there was this week.

There’s a kind of let-down when you finish a project.  You wake up the next day and you realize that everything you’ve been working and preparing for, for like months, is over.  Done.  Gone.

Like Christmas.

And you wonder, “What next?”

I got a call from one of my crewmembers yesterday.  He wanted to tell me some big news–he was getting some nice new filming equipment.  Not only that, he wanted to let me know that he wanted to share it.  This stuff, he said, should be used by us as a collaborative group.  He went on to talk about Youtube.

Yup, Youtube.

He said that people are doing things out there.  Creating things.  Being successful.  Take Julian Smith, for example.  The guy has a studio now.  He is also friends with half of Youtube, including these guys.

My friend wants to be in the future of Youtube.  And so do I.

I guess this means I need a new project to work on…good thing my DP buddy already has an idea.

What Else

I was gonna write about The Hobbit, which I got to see at midnight in IMAX 3D.  But in light of today…I can’t.

I cannot write my sadness, or even say that I understand the pain the families in Connecticut are feeling, but I have students.  I love my students.  And if anything happened to them…

I guess I can’t reconcile the fact that while I was sleeping because I came home at 4 am from a midnight showing, horrible tragedy was being committed on the other side of the country.  I can only pray.

The Beard, From Now

My crew and I filmed a movie on Saturday.  Granted, it was only a 4 minute film.  It took us 8 hours total, counting set up and take down.

This is huge.

I don’t know what people outside of filmmaking know about how long it takes to make a film.  I didn’t know until I made one.  It takes a long time.



This isn’t a bad thing.  I mean, first there’s pre-production, which can be years if it’s a feature film.  Then finally an average of 3 months of shooting, 12 hours or more a day.  Then 8 weeks to 3 months of editing/post production.  Then sometimes the film gets held from release, like next year’s Jack the Giant Slayer, which was supposed to come out last June.  Or even Red Dawn, which was made in 2010 and only released a few weeks ago.

My film, my 4 minute comedy with zero special effects or explosions or hardcore stunts, was written this past summer, went into pre-production in August, had a delay, went into pre-production again over a month ago, then was filmed last Saturday.  Everyone, including me, kinda, was slightly surprised that we actually finished filming in those 8 hours.  I think my DP was even more surprised when I texted him yesterday that I had a rough cut.

But hey, I was excited.

It was only a little over an hour of footage.

And this is us.  I’m one of those people.

After Earth

Since M. Night Shyamalan (Signs, The Village) was always the filmmaker who inspired me to make films, here’s his latest project.  It includes Will Smith, Jaden Smith, space ships and incredible sci-fi.

This may redeem my hero, Shyamalan, after his horrible films The Happening and Airbender.  I think it has to, anyway.

Filming Tomorrow

I have a list of things to get done today.  Gotta get equipment together, props in one place, contact actors and crew, buy food for lunch.

The glamorous stuff.

We start filming at 9am.  I expect a lot of things to go wrong.  We have to be out of the location by 4pm.  This will happen, because I refuse to be that director who doesn’t follow through with what I say.

We have good people working this shoot, people who know what they are doing, for the most part.  We have actors that made me grin when I saw them read.  We have a location that is a real coffee shop.

It’s gonna be good.

And I’m not freaking out at all.

Winter Summer

It’s a lovely winter here in Kansas City.  They said the other day was the warmest December day in Missouri history.  It’s been warmer here than it has been for my people in the LA area.

Oh yeah.

Have I taken advantage of this glorious weather?  Well…On Thanksgiving I went on a Dodo hunt.  Yup, there is a Dodo here.  I’m not telling you where–you’ll have to find it.

But don’t worry, if you can’t find it, here’s what a genius had to say:

C.S. Lewis