Writing in Public

Was sitting in that coffee place yesterday, working on a screenplay.  After a little while, my director dude, producer of all, man-in-charge showed up.  We proceeded to speak in-depth about the screenplay: story problems, actors, special effects, shooting time, budget and other things I might not remember at this moment.

We segued into an animated discussion of space travel and ship design and how long it takes to get to Venus.  With two such scifi nerds as us, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I think we only heatedly disagreed on the age of the characters.

While we were talking, loudly and in public, the guy at the table next to us piped in.  He explained that he was retired military.  He informed us that the government never denied the existence of alien spacecraft and that way back when he was in the military they had things like iPads, except they were more advanced.  He concluded that there was advanced alien technology here on earth.

Okay, thanks.

I looked at my director/big cheese to gauge his reaction to all this.  He just smiled good-naturedly and thanked the man for his input.

It made me wonder, how many cultures in the world would allow perfect strangers the opportunity to converse about government conspiracies?  I happen to be writing a script about aliens.  He happens to be ex-military and know about aliens and UFOs.  What are the odds that we would sit next to each other in that coffee place?

This is another great reason to write in public.  You never know who you might meet.  They may make a better story than the one you’re slaving over.


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